Be careful to Frequently Masturbation.

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Most of us admit it? assumed that masturbation was normal,''healthy habits "in life. But if it is excessive is still not well done. Which became an important question is, how many times is said to excessive masturbation? For you or your partner do it several times a week do not have to read this article.
Who need to read are those who perform the service department several times a day, every day!
Excessive masturbation, even into compulsive patterns, can have a negative impact on psychological imbalance
and physical. Some scholars suggest that the men keep their ejaculation frequency only be a few times a week. ? However, for those who are sexually active, either intimate with your spouse and to masturbate also, so that ejaculate several times a day may not believe these suggestions. But believe me, the study shows that excessive ejaculation is not recommended. What happens if masturbation is too often? According to experts, sex, excessive masturbation can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous function / acetylcholine.

This can lead to excessive stimulation produces sex hormones and neurotransmitters like more? cetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin yangmenyebabkan changes in body chemistry. ? Side effects of chemical changes
body manifest in fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, blurred vision and pain in the testicles. Excessive masturbation suppress the nervous system and liver function, which will lead to sexual exhaustion, especially on the young males. This includes the occurrence of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men before they were approaching sexual maturity. Semen leakage, sperm discharge from the penis without an erection, is depicted as another common problem associated with excessive masturbation. Ih, spooky. This is a sign that
nerves that control ejaculation valve weakened because too often over-used and received excitatory.
The other extreme case, if associated with physical problems, excessive desire to masturbate complicate your relationship with work and family, just like alcohol or gambling addiction. Anyway preoccupied with themselves and indifferent to the world around them. How do I stop masturbating? The first thing to do is reduce the frequency. for some people, this is a difficult thing to do. But it is not impossible if there is a strong determination not it?
If the self can not, ask for advice from sex experts, or join the "club" which has a similar problem and wanted to escape the noose "addiction" to masturbate. You can listen to their stories and perhaps find a technique to reduce the urge''supermarket "from its friends in the same boat. But if talking on the club
seems a shame, just go to sex therapists. No attempt shame, the therapists were already accustomed to dealing with this problem. You are not the first, nor the last.
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