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Once Prophet told his friend, namely Ibn 'Abbas about the two kinds of pleasure that often make people forget, neglect, and fooled by it. Word of the Prophet, "a healthy condition and free time are the two blessings of Allah SWT give to humans, but often they forget."

There are two messages in the hadith. First, people should always address the circumstances they experienced as a blessing from Allah SWT. Therefore, it must realize that something must be done as a form of our gratitude to Allah SWT. When healthy, in fact we were reprimanded for always remembering that the health care provided is an incredible blessing. Thus, we will always use this health has been given for use in improving our obedience to Allah SWT.

Secondly, people should take the opportunity or the leisure time to do positive things for themselves and beneficial for others. Most people are too busy with worldly affairs, so forget about those things related to the afterlife. As if there was no time to worship Allah, but just no time for worldly material gain alone.

Health and opportunity are two things that often make people forget Allah and negligence. This is presumably a prominent cleric, is Ibn al-Jauzi, he says, "Sometimes a man is healthy, but do not have spare time because of preoccupations with world affairs. There also have free time, but not healthy. ". When two things have on human beings, it makes them reluctant to obey God, this is the people who called maghbun.

Intelligent human beings who will understand it all as a very great pleasure of Allah given to him. Based on that drive us to the more obedient to God. Owned health and opportunity should be used as well as possible so that we have the best equipped in the Hereafter.

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