Learning from ants...?!

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Here is a story that I took from one of my favorite books "Fight like a tiger Win Like a Champion" written by Imam Munadhi Darmawangsa tendered.

So what lessons can we take away from the ants.


Ants never give up, if you ever tried to stop the road then a row of ants are they going to stop? No, they will try to pass these obstacles by all means, either play through left, right, or climb obstacles. Ants never stopped trying to find a way out.


Ants are always thinking about the winter during the summer, the habit of working hard and getting ready before the barriers come is characteristic of the nation of ants. They realized that the summer will not happen until they have been constantly gathering material to prepare for the possibility of bad food in winter.

Ants always think of summer when winter progresses, the ants are a people who can not wait to always work and achievement. They will always look forward to the summer where they can to launch its activities.

A keen sense of smell on every occasion, ants are always looking for opportunities earlier than other animals. "There are sugar ants," they're not going to waste the opportunity when it comes to those opportunities.

Collect as many as the number of results in the summer, the nation ants never discuss how the results should they get, they love to work hard and always want to optimize their best

I think the personal habits of ants to achieve enviable whatever our ideals. In addition to working hard yes of course we also have to work smart in order not wasteful of energy. If an ant problem, we have, why do not we try


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