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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a symptom of declining human immune system caused by HIV virus

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a collection of micro-organisms that attack the human immune system.


HIV found in the human body. In large quantities, is found in blood, vaginal fluid and sperm. In small amounts, contained in breast milk, saliva, tears and urine.

HIV damages the white blood that plays an important role in maintaining immunity. With the reduced number of healthy white blood cells, immune system will decline. By decreasing the immune response, a mild disease to others, could cause death for HIV-infected oarng AIDS.
The spread of HIV / AIDS can strike anyone, men, women, old, young, rich, poor, even babies can become infected with HIV AIDS.

HIV is a person who has been infected with HIV but still look healthy. AIDS patients are infected with HIV who had shown symptoms of AIDS.

There are several stages that will be experienced by a person when infected with HIV AIDS. Initial symptoms of common flu will recover within a few days later. Blood tests showed that there was still unable to HIV (negative).

On stage after passing the incubation period 20-10 years of HIV-infected person will experience prolonged fever, decreased appetite, diarrhea constantly for no apparent reason, red patches of the skin rash, weight decrease drastically.

Symptoms nd phase of the immune system declines, HIV develops into AIDS. AIDS symptoms that appear in the form of inflammation of the lungs, inflammation of the digestive tract, skin cancer, inflammation due to pathogens in the mouth and throat, neurological disorders, tuberculosis. Generally about 1-2 years after symptoms appear patients died of AIDS

AIDS HIV transmission:
HIV-AIDS can be spread by someone who is infected with HIV and AIDS sufferers. Most likely derived from HIV transmission is still looking healthy. There are several ways of transmission of HIV AIDS among others:

1. Sexual relations with HIV infected people.

HIV is generally found in blood, semen and vaginal fluids. When one 3D-tattoos-001satu from couples who have sexual relations that are infected with HIV, the virus will spread through the small wound that occurred during intercourse. One-time sexual intercourse with someone infected with HIV, fatal consequences. Male or female, the same risk. Sexual relations conducted in the menstrual period increase the likelihood of someone infected with HIV. The opening of the blood vessels, facilitate entry of HIV into the body.

2. Transfusion of contaminated blood that has HIV.

Blood containing HIV blood will automatically mencamari patient / recipient. When this happens, patients are directly infected with HIV.

3. Prick / scratch tubtuh with HIV-contaminated instruments.

Sunti needle, piercing tool, tattoo needle, or razor blades as a medium of transmission of HIV, when previously used by HIV. Virus was left on the equipment will enter the bloodstream are wearing them. Therefore, familiarize memekai needles, piercing tool, tattoo needle or a disposable razor.

4. From an infected mother to the fetus.

Mothers living with HIV, the virus spread through the umbilical cord / placenta during pregnancy. Transmission can also occur through injuries during delivery.

HIV-AIDS prevention.

Given that until now have not found the drug to cure AIDS, then only pencegahanlah effort we can do to avoid HIV infection.

Make a sexual relationship with a secure way.

* Better sex is only done by our partners, and strive to always be loyal to him.
* Use a condom if because of something or another, you have sex with another person, or with high risk behavior like-:
# Women / men who certainly often changed genti couples in sexual relationships, such as prostitutes, etc. Gigolo.
# Those people with deviant sexual behavior, such as gays, lesbians, or transsexuals.
# Addicts often consume narcotic drugs by injection.

* Blood transfusion should always be tested first.
# Since a few years ago, the blood that will be given to the individual patient, always on the HIV test. However, to avoid the worst, blood transfusion should be done only when absolutely necessary.
# Avoid the use of injecting equipment, or equipment used cuckur.
+ If you are injected, pierced, tattooed, always use sterile needles that are still. Similarly, if you shave, use a disposable razor. Never once mamakai equipment with others. Remember look beyond healthy does not mean free of HIV.
# Women who are infected with HIV, should not become pregnant.
+ Pregnancy is a mother's rights. But when the mother's blood had been infected with HIV, should not become pregnant than have given birth to a baby who was also living with HIV.

Various methods above can prevent HIV transmission. But the success or failure largely depends on how big your consciousness in its application in everyday situations. What is clear for a better life. HAVE YOU DARE TO SAY "NO" TO THE FREE SEX AND DRUGS.

"REMEMBER THERE ARE NOT cure AIDS, BUT could have been avoided"

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